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Swimming Muskie, 3 Piece Box Art

Swimming Muskie, 3 Piece Box Art - Swimming Muskie
Swimming Muskie, 3 Piece Box Art - Swimming Muskie

Ed Anderson is one of our most popular artists. When Ed isn’t painting you can count on him being in his beloved mountains of Idaho where he finds the inspiration for his art. Now the Muskie featured in this creation is impressive in size and in that way it reflects on the Muskie you find in the wild. These are big fish for a lake and they are big fish to catch. Muskie are fighters and wiggly when caught, they almost look like a snake when you try to land them. Why do fishermen in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan love to fish for these monsters? Cause they taste fantastic. A muskie fillet baked in wine and butter is a true culinary experience. So this fish is fun to catch and great to eat what more could you ask of a fish. Ed celebrates the beloved fish with a large tribute in a colorful box art triptych. Three panels, each one an 18 by 18-inch square creates a statement piece that will impress the most jaded Muskie hunter. Have a Muskie fisherman in your posse? Well here is an amazing work of wall art that will bring as much pleasure as a mounting of the real thing. At Meissenburg Designs LLC we print Ed’s artwork onto a sheet of aluminum with the dimensions we want. Then we fold the edges to make a box with 3-inch sides. Corners are rivetted and a bracket is attached to the back for easy mounting. Lightweight and durable, ready to hang right out of the box, indoors or out. 100% made in the USA. From locally sourced materials.

Product#: A10BX3-2141MUSKIE-EA
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