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Zoo City Triptych -
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Immerse yourself in the serene splendor of this captivating three-piece box-art ensemble by Monte Dollack. Each aluminum panel, shaped into a sleek, shallow box, comes together to reveal a small-town vista. The central rectangular piece draws the eye to the pastoral charm of countryside houses, distinct bell towers, and a church steeple, bisected by a lively creek where a trout leaps playfully from the water. This idyllic scene is bookended by square panels featuring vibrant birds and blooms near the protective boughs of foreground trees, where a watchful black bear and a contemplative house cat hold court over their tranquil domain. Art by Monte Dollack.

Depth + Design: Metal box art pieces are unique as they truly are a box. The sides are folded adding three inches of depth, which raises off the wall by 3 inches. Additionally, the design wraps on all sides giving it 3-D appearance.

Material:Using Aluminum, these boxes are extremely lightweight and can be hung with one small nail. We also included a crossbar with a notch that is perfectly centered, taking the guesswork out of centering your piece.

Size: This design consists of three pieces. The end pieces are 18-inches by 18-inches while the center piece is 26-inches by 18-inches. The total width, including a 2-inch gap between pieces, is 66-inches. Each panel is 3-inches deep.

Display: Box Art can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Product#: A12BX-ZOO-MD
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