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Framed Sunny Boy

Framed Sunny Boy - Sunny Boy
Framed Sunny Boy - Sunny Boy

Dive deep into the mesmerizing gaze of "Sunny Boy" (moose), masterfully portrayed on rich wood grain, capturing every intricate detail of its majestic presence. But the allure doesn't stop at the portrait; encasing this striking image is a one-of-a-kind corrugated aluminum frame, adorned with bespoke artwork that elevates the entire piece. This blend of rustic charm and modern design makes for an exceptional decor statement. A testament to Shelle Lindholm's innovative artistry, the seamless integration of the frame and artwork is unparalleled, offering collectors a distinctive piece they won't find elsewhere. One Impressive Size of 29-inches by 37.5-inches. Elevate your space with this captivating union of nature and craftsmanship. Art by Shelle Lindholm.

Product#: A20CORF6-SUNN-W7-SL
Starting at $265.00

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Shelle Lindholm Copyright © Shelle Lindholm Art. All Rights Reserved.

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