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Red Dala Horse Box Art

Red Dala Horse Box Art - Red Dala Horse Box Art
Red Dala Horse Box Art - Red Dala Horse Box Art
Red Dala Horse Box Art - 1

The Red Dala Horse is a striking and dynamic piece that completes the quartet with its bold, festive red tone. Adorned with a crisp white star and a myriad of decorative elements in green and blue, this artwork embodies a celebratory spirit. Its rich, vibrant color and pattern detail evoke feelings of warmth and joyful tradition. The red Dala horse, while making a strong statement on its own, also harmonizes beautifully with the blue, cream, and green horses, creating a rich tapestry of color when displayed as a complete set. This piece, along with its counterparts, offers an opportunity for art lovers to bring a touch of classic beauty and cultural charm to their collection, available both as an individual piece or as part of the full, colorful ensemble.

Depth + Design: Metal box art pieces are unique as they truly are a box. The sides are folded adding three inches of depth, which raises off the wall by 3 inches. Additionally, the design wraps on all sides giving it 3-D appearance.

Material: Using aluminum material, these boxes are extremely lightweight and can be hung with one small nail. We also included a crossbar with a notch that is perfectly centered, taking the guesswork out of centering your piece.

Display: Box Art can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Artist: Shelle Lindholm

Starting at $246.00

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