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Sea Urchins 4 Piece Box Art

Sea Urchins 4 Piece Box Art - Sea Urchins
Sea Urchins 4 Piece Box Art - Sea Urchins

Exotic and surreal, Shelle's mermaids are like no other. This unique piece of art is made up of 4 individual aluminum boxes that are then hung together to create a 42x42 inch piece of wall art. The title for the piece is Sea Urchins but there is so much more going on, there are mermaids, fish, seahorses, corals, and jellyfish. Fascinate friends and family. Each box is created from a piece of sheet aluminum. The sheet is folded into a box with 3-inch sides. There are rivets at the corners and a bracket for hanging. One of the great advantages of aluminum is its lightness. Despite the large size of the finished artwork, the entire piece is very light and easy to hang. Talk about a conversation piece!

Product#: A6BX4-SEAUR-SL
Starting at $550.00

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