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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle - Sea Turtle
Sea Turtle - Sea Turtle
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Sea Turtle is the title of Shelle’s homage to the majestic sea turtle. These amazing animals live for many years and are considered magical creatures in many cultures. Humans in their quest for turtle meat and the shells have driven many of the turtle species to near extinction. Despite a valiant effort by turtle conservation groups to protect the nests in Florida and elsewhere, the constant degradation of their habitat and increasing pollution of our oceans continues to threaten the existence of these magnificent and beautiful creatures. Shelle’s turtle captures the amazing patterns and colors of the shell. If you are a turtle lover or a collector of turtle art, then here is a nifty little art piece that will fit in most any spot in your home or Florida room. Shelle’s abstract impression of the sea turtle captures the natural patterns emblazoned on the turtle’s shell and carries them over to patterns on the artwork.

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