Images of wooden travel and map signs, hung up on walls inside homes for decor.

Exploring the World: A Summer Adventure with Vintage Maps and Signs

As the sun stretches its golden arms across the horizon, summer beckons us to embark on thrilling journeys. Imagine dusty roads, hidden trails, and the promise of discovery. In this adventure-filled blog post, we’ll dive into the world of summer travel, maps, and the nostalgic charm of vintage signs.

1. The Allure of Vintage Travel Posters and Maps

The Art of Wanderlust

Vintage travel maps have a magical quality. They whisper tales of distant lands, exotic adventures, and the thrill of exploration. These vibrant artworks adorned train stations, ocean liners, and hotel lobbies, enticing travelers to set sail or hop on a locomotive. Imagine standing in front of a grand railway station, gazing at a sign that promises the adventure of a lifetime.

The Journey Begins

Our journey starts with classic vintage signs, a treasure trove of nostalgia. Our collection features rare prints, meticulously restored to their original brilliance. From Hawaii to Europe, Paris to New York, these vintage travel signs evoke a sense of wonder. 

2. The Art of Cartography: Vintage Maps

Charting the Unknown

Maps are more than mere guides; they’re windows into history. Early cartographers painstakingly etched coastlines, mountains, and trade routes onto parchment. Their maps whispered secrets of uncharted territories, mythical creatures, and brave explorers. Imagine holding a vintage map, tracing the Silk Road or following Magellan’s circumnavigation. Each crease tells a story—a ship’s voyage, a caravan’s journey, a quest for the unknown.

Old World Maps

We offer a captivating collection of old world and xplorer maps. These maps, reveal the contours of continents, the ebb and flow of empires, and the pulse of civilization. Imagine unrolling a map of ancient Rome or studying the trade routes of the Silk Road. These maps aren’t just wood or metal; they’re portals to bygone eras.

3. Vintage Sign Company: Crafting Wanderlust

Handcrafted in Montana

In the heart of Bigfork, Montana, a vintage sign company weaves magic. Old Wood Signs, established in 1986, handcrafts signs that echo the spirit of adventure. Their bold typography, large text, and vibrant colors evoke wanderlust. Imagine stumbling upon a weathered sign that points to Route 66 or the Pacific Coast Highway. These signs don’t just mark roads; they ignite curiosity.

Let Loose Your Wanderlust

As summer unfolds, let loose your wanderlust. Follow the vintage signs, trace the contours of old maps, and let the wind carry you. Whether you’re road-tripping through the Rockies or sailing the Mediterranean, remember that every sign, every map, whispers: “Adventure awaits.”

So pack your bags, hang your vintage map, and chase the sun. The world is waiting, and it’s calling you to explore.

Happy travels! 🌎🗺️

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